Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Florence transportation Tips

Everything you know more about the place you are going to visit is more than welcome.. isn't it? So preparing your next trip to Florence you may want to know a few things about transportation in the city.

The use of a private car in Florence is not advisable, considering the small size of the old city centre, which can be easily traversed on foot, and the extensive network of small electric buses that connect the various points. The car is instead useful for trips outside the city and in the provincial area. Moreover in the Z.T.L. (Limited Traffic Area) access for private cars is prohibited on weekdays between 7.30 and 19.30; special permits for access and for loading and unloading are available.
To obtain these permits apply to: Permits office, Comune di Firenze, Via G. Marconi, 18/20, tel. 055 5000453 or 055 2655210, from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 16.30. For visitors staying in hotels Hotel guests may utilise a special "gratta e sosta" (scratch and park) called "hotel tourist parking" available directly at the hotels. The cost is 8 Euro and it enables visitors to park for 24 hours in the unmanned parking areas.

By BusGetting around town: The city bus service (orange buses) is run by the ATAF and LI-NEA companies. Tickets and passes can be purchased from the authorised outlets (bars, tobacconists, newsagents) and at the ATAF kiosk in Piazza Stazione. The tickets must be stamped in the special machines on board the buses. Between 21.00 and 06.00, 60-minute tickets can be purchased directly on board at the price of € 1.50.

Types of tickets and tariffs: 60 minutes: € 1.00 - 3 hours: € 1.80 - 24 hours: € 4.50 - Multiple (4 four 60-minute tickets): € 3.90 - Passes: 2 days: € 7.60 - 3 days: € 9.60 - 4 days € 10.90 - 5 days € 12.70 - 6 days € 14.40 - 7 days: € 16.00 - 8 days € 17.90- 9 days € 19.20 - 10 days € 20,50 - 15 days € 27.50. VolaInBus shuttle for Vespucci airport € 4 Florence CitysightseeingA new way to discover Florence Line A - Centro - terminus Piazza Stazione from 9.00 every 30 minutes up to 19.00 last trip - from 14 May up to 23.00. 15 stops/ journey time 50 minutes/ticket valid 24 hours from purchase/hop on-hop off .

Now you know a little bit more about Florence, and here we still stress the concept that Florence can be visited walking... No useless walks since every step will be an interesting one: Florence is an open air museum, and when you are tired to enrich your culture, there is some shopping to do!

See you then,

A Florence View bed and breakfast Staff

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Car in Florence?

Many people visit Florence as part of a broader tour which includes Tuscany. This is the reason why it is quite common to reach the city by car.

Get rid of your car immediatly if you have a rental one!

Florence is a pedestrian city and it is absolutely not allowed to enter the city center by car without incurring in big fines. The ZTL area (limited traffic area) is accessible for taxi cabs, electric vehicles and moppets only.

Our suggestion is to put Florence at the end or at the beginning of your trip. If you are touring Tuscany you can begin with Florence reaching the city easily by train and, at the end of your stay, you can rent a car there. The second option is to put Florence at the end of your itinerary and drop the car off as soon as you reach the city.

Both the public parking and the private ones are quite expensive: don't consider to pay less than 25-40 Euros per day. Moreover there are no free parking lots in the city, not even in the street. If you have your own car you can think about spending this amount daily, so planning your budget think about it.

You can reach the city by train: the eurostar train links Rome to Florence in 1h and 45 minutes covering a distance of 275 kilometers. If you do so, you will enjoy Florecnce with no waste of time. You will be free as a bird!!

Have a nice free stay!

A Florence View bed and breakfast Staff

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Florence in a Nutshell?

Do you think Florence is a small city that can be visited in one or two days?

I saw a Japanese once (she was alone!, not common for a Japanese tourist) telling me that she had 45 minutes to see Florence, she was rushing to reach Piazzale Michelangelo so to have an overview of the city. I think she managed at the end... but... what about the rest?

Florence is a touristy city: sometimes if you walk in the city center between Piazza della Signoria and the Dome you are not able to find anybody who seems a local: you see tons of cameras, videocameras and flashing lights! The only locals you can easily recognize are the traffic police men.
Florence is a pedestrian city, so you can walk in the city center. But it is crouded of pedestrians.

So, what is the right way to "see" the city? The Japanese tourist way (45 minutes and leave the croud) or taking it easy, relaxed, maybe discovering the less touristy sites?

Maybe 3-4 is the right compromise. This way you are not going to miss the not to be missed sites (Piazza della Signoria, Santa Croce, the Dome, Giotto's Bell Tower, Uffizi Gallery, the Old Bridge, Boboli's Garden and so on...) and you will be able to discover spots of beauties where there is no crouds!

Our suggestion, is to spend sometime in the Santo Spirito Area (Oltrarno Area) where you can really breathe the true Florence atmosphere. Spend at least 2 hours relaxing in Santo Spirito Square, maybe enjoing a glass of Beer in a Bar on the Square... you will even discover that here ...... you will get two at the price of One!

Enjoy Florence!

The Italia Lodging Staff

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

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