Monday, March 13, 2006

European wonderful cities: London


We all know that the capital of Great Britain is London. We know the number of inhabitants and its composition, we know the location and the economic data of this city but what do we know about its spirit and history saturation in every its stone?

Reading the articles of other authors we learn that London is a city of contrasts where the modern meets the ancient, people of different backgrounds and social positions stand side by side and the austere style with grey colours is perfectly combined with the bright colours of today’s life.

London is called the city of Museums since every building and every square was erected many years ago and played certain role in the history of this city.

London is thought to be a city of cities as besides people of different nations and origins came here to settle bringing their culture and customs; London is formed of several small cities, united into one, each with its characteristic features and buildings.

London is a city of a fancier: here you can find everything to entertain yourself and to please yourself. You will spend hours in exploring this city and can say for sure that you never perceive it. To get accommodated in London and to spend wonderful hours in explorations please visit: Cheap London Hotels.

London is believed to be the best city for business. Recently 12 categories of positive factors for business running were analyzed. Among them there were the market access, staff qualification, labour and office cost, attitude of the government towards the businessmen and general level of life in the city. London won the first place in the list!

London was proclaimed the most expensive city in Europe. Life is very costly in London and those living in London have to come down with their money. The British metropolis in cost of living stands the third in the list after Tokyo and Osaka and before Moscow. The market researchers explain the leading position of London in cost of living by high price of accommodation and transportation in London.

To sum up we can say that London is a city to visit, is a city to stay at and to enjoy every minute spent here.

London is a city-fairy tale as it has so much miracles and things to wonder at!


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