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Arti & Hotel Florence

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Un piccolo e rifinito hotel nel centro di Firenze

Arti & Hotel Florence: reviews e commenti degli ospiti

mk ha scritto questo commento su Arti & Hotel Florence il 20/06/2011

Punteggio: Punteggio 6 6/10

Paese di provenienza: United States
Periodo del soggiorno: Maggio, 2011
COMMENTO: The location was convenient to sightseeing but not close to metro station. Our rooms were not ready and we had to wait for a while. Breakfast was minimal and not private for guests. Public Cafe was attached to hotel and we had to compete with the public to get some pastries and coffee. This hotel was difficult to find because it only had a small wall plaque outside the main door and you could not see it unless you were right in front of the door and paying attention. We were lucky that the hotel manager, who was very polite and nice, came to meet us at a corner street and took us to the hotel and also arranged for a parking garage for our car. There is a public laundry facility across the street and we were able to do laundry. All in all it was a good hotel but needs to offer a better breakfast arrangement and selection.
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Only charming hotel Verisign

Arti & Hotel Florence

Hotel in Firenze, Toscana

Via dei Servi - 50122 - Firenze(FI), Italia

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Florence Firenze Arti & Hotel Florence Arti & Hotel Florence
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